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Keeping your smoke alarms powered and up-to-date is likely something you don’t give much thought to— until one starts beeping in the middle of the night. If you turn it off and leave it until the morning you may get a little more sleep that night, but you also run the risk of leaving your home, your family, and yourself vulnerable. 

Smoke and fire can cause extensive and irreparable damage, so ensuring you have every possible protection in place is key. Plus, having working smoke alarms is more than just common sense, as they’re compulsory in all Victorian homes. All Victorian residential properties are required to have smoke alarms on every level, whether the property is a house, apartment, townhouse, or any other residential property. 

However, having a smoke alarm on its own isn’t enough— they can only save lives if they’re installed correctly and working properly.

Smoke Alarm Services Eltham

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An emergency can happen at any time, so there’s no time like the present to ensure your smoke alarms are prepared to do their job. 

If your smoke alarm is older, you may be under the impression it should work fine if needed, but this isn’t always the case. Smoke alarms must be replaced every 10 years to be compliant and to have the highest chance of keeping you and your family safe. Regardless of how old a smoke alarm is, it should also be tested regularly to ensure it’s working correctly. 

If the smoke alarms in your home or business are older or even non-existent, it’s crucial that you have them checked or have new ones installed as soon as possible.

Smoke Alarm Services By Espire Electrical Solutions

At Espire Electrical Solutions, we’re dedicated to keeping you safe with our smoke alarm services. Having a newly installed and tested smoke alarm offers you both protection and peace of mind, allowing you to sleep soundly each and every night. 

In addition to keeping you safe, we also ensure that your home or business meets Australian regulations. Smoke alarms must meet several criteria to meet the Building Code of Australia, which we’re extremely familiar with. In addition to meeting compulsory codes, we ensure that your smoke alarms have as much added security as possible so that everybody is protected equally.

Smoke Alarm Safety Check Eltham

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Your Smoke Alarm Services Questions Answered

No matter how small your home, one smoke alarm is not enough. There should be one in every bedroom and living room, and there must be at least one between each bedroom and the rest of the house.

If your smoke alarm is constantly beeping, it’s likely because of a low battery. If it continues to beep after you replace the battery, resetting the alarm or checking the wiring is the next step. Don’t try these yourself— give a licensed electrician a call.

Smoke alarms come in two types: Photoelectric and Ionisation.

  • Ionisation models are most common as they have been around for a longer period. They use an older technology where a small amount of radioactive material is used to help detect smoke. This type of smoke alarm tends to activate when you’re cooking dinner, as they’re prone to picking up cues from kitchen fumes and other ‘nuisance triggers’.

  • Photoelectric smoke alarms are newer and are endorsed by the Melbourne Fire Brigade (MBA) and the Country Fire Authority (CFA). They use the reflection of light to detect smoke particles and are most effective at detecting slow-burning fires. They are also prone to ‘nuisance triggers’ when there’s dust in the air, for example during renovations.

You should have smoke alarms on every level of your property, and they must be within 1.5 metres of bedroom doors. For businesses, smoke alarms also need to be positioned on every level of the building. If the building was built after July 1, 1994, it must also comply with additional safety procedures relating to stairwells and fire exits.

There are actually four types of power sources for smoke alarms: 9V battery, 10-year lithium-ion battery, hardwired, and hardwired with a rechargeable battery. In Victoria, all homes built after 1997 must have hardwired smoke alarms. 

  • 9V battery smoke alarms tend to be the least expensive option, and as they don’t have any cables, they can be easily installed in any location. Their only power source is their battery, so if the battery fails there is no backup power option.

  • 10-year lithium ion battery smoke alarms are built to last the entire 10 year lifespan of the smoke alarm. This type also only operates on one power source, so as with 9V battery smoke alarms, they may be less reliable than hardwired options.

  • Hardwired smoke alarms are powered by mains power and have a backup 9V battery, giving you more peace of mind. The 9V battery still needs to be replaced once a year to ensure it should work if needed.

  • Hardwired with a rechargeable battery smoke alarms are also hardwired through mains power, but come with a lithium ion battery as its backup. As with standard 10-year lithium ion battery powered smoke alarms, this backup battery is designed to last for 10 years. 

While the most commonly known form of smoke alarm are the types that beep, there are specific smoke alarms for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. These may have lights, vibrating pads, or make a different sound that may be easier for the person to pick up.

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Smoke Alarm Services Are Crucial

We stay on top of both federal and state-wide regulations for smoke alarms so that you don’t need to. These devices may be small, but they play a large role in your safety and that of your home or business. Having a trustworthy licensed electrical team take care of them can give you priceless peace of mind, knowing your property is up to code and that you can sleep soundly at night.

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Whether you need a smoke alarm safety check, battery replacement, or a replacement of faulty or expired smoke alarms, Espire Electrical Solutions is the team to call. Knowing that your smoke alarms, whatever type they may be, are operating correctly offers invaluable peace of mind. If you’re looking for an experienced and trustworthy licensed domestic electrician in Eltham to install or service your smoke alarms, call us today at 0431 569 629.

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Having a functioning smoke alarm is crucial to the safety of your property. There are several legal requirements regarding the correct installation of smoke alarms. Ensure your smoke alarm is set up by one of the best electricians in Eltham.

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