Split System Air Conditioner Installation Eltham

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Sick and Tired of Hot Melbourne Summers?

Even down South, the Aussie sun is brutal. Sometimes it can feel as though we just sit in our homes, baking away as the summer heat makes our lives extremely uncomfortable. Many homes, especially older models, don’t come with effective air conditioning units. What if we told you that bringing comfort and luxury into your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune? What if it was easier than ever to make your summers cool and relaxing?

Our electricians service many suburbs in Melbourne, including Eltham, Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Heidelberg, St Helena, Rosanna, Montmorency, Plenty, Macleod and surrounding suburbs.

Split System Air Conditioner Installation Eltham

Split System Air Conditioning System Eltham

Get Your Very Own Split System Air Conditioning System

Say goodbye to your overheated house. Whether your home doesn’t have any air conditioning or whether you’re system is simply faulty and outdated, you could soon be fitted with an effective split system air conditioning unit. Finding a high-quality system can give you a quiet and compact unit with excellent heating and cooling capabilities. Split system units are an affordable option to place targeted systems in the most commonly used rooms in your house.

Professional Installation Services From Melbourne’s Expert Electricians

If you want a split system air conditioning unit, then you need to invest in the best quality product and installation possible. Otherwise, you’re wasting money on a home addition that will just lead to more issues and malfunctions than ever! The Espire Electrical Solutions team can securely install air conditioning units in Melbourne homes of all shapes and sizes, adhering to the existing infrastructure and framework of the current electrical setup. Old and new homes alike can experience the benefits of a split system air conditioning unit.

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Split System Air Conditioners vs Ducted Air Conditioners

When you’re on the hunt for a way to make our Aussie summers a little bit easier to manage, it is essential to make sure you choose the right air conditioning system for your home. You might find yourself wondering what the differences between split systems air conditioners and ducted air conditioners are.

Let’s lay it out simply. The main benefit of a split system air conditioning system is that it is much easier to install, as it requires no ductwork. For this same reason, these systems can also be easier to maintain and service as opposed to central, ducted air conditioners. The one downside to split system air conditioners, however, is their more limited cooling capacity. Split system air conditioners are usually designed to serve just one or two rooms, while central systems are able to service the entire home at once. Choosing which one is better for you depends entirely on what you’re looking for in an A/C.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the right split system air conditioner size to suit the needs of your home, our team will first assess the size of your home. We will then examine the space where you’re looking to install the system to find the perfect unit for your needs.

Absolutely! The Espire team has experience working with properties of all sizes, including both residential and commercial properties.

Our split system installation services can be completed in a day, even from just 3-6 hours. The specific length of time will depend on the specifics of your property and the size of the job.

While split system air conditioners do use a similar level of electricity to run as other air conditioners do, they are ultimately a more energy-efficient option. This is because they are built to specifically work in the most commonly used area of your home rather than needing to cool the entire house.

Yes, a split system air conditioning system can be used to cool and heat the entire home. Depending on the size and layout of your property, multiple units may be required to make this happen.

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There’s nothing better than supporting local businesses. Espire Electrical Solutions is your team of Melbourne experts, based in Eltham North and servicing domestic and commercial properties across Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

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Over our years working in this industry, we’ve built up a reliable reputation by delivering excellent work to all our clients time and time again. The trust we’ve gained as Melbourne’s electrical experts is the result of hard work and expert advice.

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Service is everything. The Espire team is dedicated to delivering safe, top-quality electrical solutions that are designed to last. With dedicated customer service and a commitment to providing safe results, you can trust your property in our capable hands.

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Put your air conditioning in our expert care. When you work with Espire electricians, you’ll be receiving well-rounded, expert advice. Our team has experience across not only air conditioner installation, but also a broad range of electrical services. Whatever problem you’re facing, no matter the size of your residential or commercial property, we believe we have the experience and knowledge to handle it. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

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Why endure another hot, sweaty summer? A cooler future is within reach. If you’re ready to invest in a split system air conditioning system, then it is imperative that you choose the right installer. The Espire Electrical Solutions team is ready to help you find the perfect product and install it properly. Whatever work you need to get done, we’ll do the job right. 

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Air Conditioner Installation Eltham

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Obtaining an electrical safety inspection from a licensed electrician can help to ensure the safety and compliance of your property. Our team will identify any potential hazards and make recommendations on how to rectify them.

An increasing number of home and business owners are choosing to switch to LED lighting, as it’s energy efficient and saves you money. Plus, it will make your space feel brighter.

Older homes are likely to have outdated switchboards and safety switches, meaning they’re more likely to short-circuit and cause problems. Our electricians can upgrade your home to ensure compliance.

If you’re planning a home renovation, ensure that an electrical renovation is a part of the plan. Our electricians are experienced in mitigating risks associated with renos & rewiring, particularly in wet areas.

Having a functioning smoke alarm is crucial to the safety of your property. There are several legal requirements regarding the correct installation of smoke alarms. Ensure your smoke alarm is set up by one of the best electricians in Eltham.

Even here in Melbourne, Aussie summers can be brutal. Our Eltham electricians can provide professional split system air conditioner installation to keep your family cool and comfortable all summer long. Don’t sweat it out anymore.

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