Switchboard Upgrades Eltham

Switchboard Upgrades & Replacement in Eltham

In older structures, electrical fires are significantly more prone to occur with rewire-able fuses. It’s important to consistently examine your switchboard and arrange for an upgrade when the time comes. Additionally, you run the risk of being electrocuted if you continue to use them. In that case the question arises

If the answer is yes, then we can help. At Espire Electrical Solutions, we service Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, covering Eltham, Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Heidelberg, St Helena, Rosanna, Montmorency, Plenty, Macleod and surrounding suburbs.

Switchboard Upgrades Eltham

The control panel of your home’s electrical wiring is your switchboard. If your switchboard is old and stale, you should think about upgrading it for the following reasons:


An older switchboard is more likely to short-circuit, putting the fuses at risk of catching fire or causing electric shocks. If your present switchboard still has replacement wires on the fuses, it is a safety issue and should be changed.

Safety Switch

This function is not seen on previous switchboards that allow you to reduce or restore power as needed. In today’s switchboards, an electrical safety switch is a must-have feature.

Inadequate power supply

Today’s homes have a lot more appliances. With PCs, air conditioning units, home theatres, household appliances, gym equipment, pool pumps, stereos, and other electronic devices, it’s critical that the switchboard can handle the quantity of power consumed by the household. Power tripping and flickering lights are signs of an inadequate power supply.

Our electricians can handle all significant electrical switchboard cabling and switchboard upgrades for your home or business. Espire Electrical has been upgrading electrical switchboards in homes for many years and could be relied upon to complete switchboard upgrades on time and within budget.

Electrical Switchboards Upgrades in Eltham

Espire Electrical expert electricians in Eltham North can assess the requirement for switchboard upgrades, repair, or installation of a new switchboard if you put in new appliances or get renovation work done in your house or office.

Why Do You Need A Switchboard Upgrade?

As technology advances, so will household energy use. As a result, people now have more home appliances than ever before, which takes more energy. Older switchboards and old ceramic and porcelain fuses are not suited to meet the ever-increasing demand for power.

We upgrade switchboards regularly to ensure that they are safe and efficient. If you have any of the following reasons, we can help you upgrade your switchboard.

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Reasons for Switchboard Upgrades

It’s a good idea to upgrade the switchboard for numerous reasons. Many of the more typical ones are:

switchboard replacement Eltham

In addition to these factors, since electrical demands and equipment have evolved, older switchboards cannot meet today’s requirements. Overworking older switchboards can result in electrocution, electrical fires, and other problems. These problems can be avoided by upgrading to a modern, safer switchboard, protecting appliances, buildings, and people.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrades by Espire Electrical Solutions

An electrical inspection is an essential service you can acquire. An electrical safety assessment is the most excellent approach to ensure that your house or office is safe and secure.

We have a lot of experience in this field. When you contact us to conduct an electrical inspection, you will receive a written report that is complete and accurate and covers every component of the system.

It’s a small investment to ensure the safety of your family by upgrading your switchboard. If you want a professional’s opinion on your switchboard upgrades, please contact Espire Electrical Solutions.  Before it’s too late to keep your family safe, make sure, you replace your old switchboards.

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Obtaining an electrical safety inspection from a licensed electrician can help to ensure the safety and compliance of your property. Our team will identify any potential hazards and make recommendations on how to rectify them.

An increasing number of home and business owners are choosing to switch to LED lighting, as it’s energy efficient and saves you money. Plus, it will make your space feel brighter.

Older homes are likely to have outdated switchboards and safety switches, meaning they’re more likely to short-circuit and cause problems. Our electricians can upgrade your home to ensure compliance.

If you’re planning a home renovation, ensure that an electrical renovation is a part of the plan. Our electricians are experienced in mitigating risks associated with renos & rewiring, particularly in wet areas.

Having a functioning smoke alarm is crucial to the safety of your property. There are several legal requirements regarding the correct installation of smoke alarms. Ensure your smoke alarm is set up by one of the best electricians in Eltham.

Even here in Melbourne, Aussie summers can be brutal. Our Eltham electricians can provide professional split system air conditioner installation to keep your family cool and comfortable all summer long. Don’t sweat it out anymore.

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